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Elli Albrecht offers modern art paintings for your interiors, that can be the perfect addition to your wall decoration.

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Elli Albrecht - Visual Artist

Elli Albrecht is a contemporary artist based in Easton, Pa. She began her career in animation and worked professionally as a background artist and color designer on many animated films, including some for the HBO network. Her fascination with colors and trained eye found their calling when she discovered macro photography. While looking for exciting elements, and patterns for compositions, Elli found unusual geometric collages of nature. Seeking ways to find herself, she experimented with abstract art and fully immersed herself in color and texture. Over the years, she has been progressing by making many pieces of modern art. Some of Her paintings depict life forces and movement in natural elements. Elli exhibited her works both nationally and internationally. Her artworks have been shown at the International Contemporary Art Exhibition in Rome, Italy, as well as H Gallery in Ventura, California, at Palazzo Moncada Galleria Civica D'Arte Caltanissetta in Italy, at Projects Gallery in Miami, Florida, Art Basel in Miami, Florida and others.

Adventure in creativity

1994 — Painter at commercial animation studio “The Ink Tank”.NY 1996 — Bg Artist "Trouble’s the Cat", Seasons 1 for Cartoon Network

1997 — Bg Artist "Trouble’s the Cat", Seasons 2 for Cartoon Network

2000 — Creative Director Established Magik World Studio

2002 — Bg Artist for book adaptations for Weston Woods, Scholastic

2007 — Bg Artist for "Classical Baby " The Poetry, Music, Art and Dance show for HBO

2009 — Artistic Supervisor for Backgrounds " A Rosie O'Donnell Celebration” HBO Special

2012 — "Natural Elements" Photo Collage Exhibition at Nurture Nature Center Easton PA

2013 — TRIA Art Gallery Woodbury, NJ “Winter Love” Group Show. 2013 — Just Around the Corner Gallery Exhibition. Easton PA

2013 — Magik Design Gallery “Spring Fever” Solo Exhibit Easton PA 2013 — Mercantile Home "Re Master exhibit: Eastonian Summer Show. Easton PA

2013 — RE Find Holiday Interpretations Easton PA

2013 — Arts Community of Easton Fall Group Show, State Theater Center for the Arts, Easton, PA

2014 — 16th Annual ACE Studio Tour, Easton, PA

2014 — BOOM: an Art Show Group Exhibition Easton PA

2014 — Nurture Nature Center "A Garden Affair": Art Exhibition Easton PA 2014 — International Contemporary Art exhibition "Punti di Vista" in Rome, Italy

2014 — Projects Gallery “ Square Foot Art Basel “In Miami FL.

2014 — Outsider Art Gallery “The Ornament Show” Frenchtown NJ 2015 — Contemporary Art exhibition in Ragusa Italy 2015 — Project Gallery "Miami Mix" in Miami, FL.

2015 — Pomfret Club "Within A Few Blocks" Group Show in Easton, PA.

2015 — Contemporary Art Exhibition "Punti di Vista"2 Galleria Civica D'Arte,Caltanissetta ,Italy

2015 — The Neoteric International Juried Exhibition "Kites in the City" The H Gallery Ventura, CA.

2015 — The Animal Kingdom Art Show Outsider Art Gallery Frenchtown NJ. 2015 — “Perspectives” Art On The Environment at Nurture Nature Center Easton PA.

2015 — Points of View "Exposition Of Contemporary Art" Italy 2015 — Outsider Art Gallery "Art Show Botanic-a” Frenchtown NJ. 2015 — Hello Allentown "Art Show " Allentown PA

2015 — Small Wonders "Art Show" at Nurture Nature Center Easton PA.

2016 — Vernissage "Mind Maps" at 187 Rue Principale PA

2016 — Mind Maps Exhibition ––––Magik Studio Gallery Easton PA 2016 — Spring Show Bethlehem House Contemporary Art Gallery PA

2016 — Exhibition Falling Rocks The Renaissance Hotel Allentown PA.

2017 — Exhibition “ March Mad “ The State Theatre of the Arts. Easton PA

2017 — Art, Poetry, Music “ Reflections“ -----Elli Albrecht Studio Gallery Easton PA

2017 — Annual Spring Show, Connexions Gallery, Easton, PA

2018 — ELEMENTS solo exhibit Connexions Gallery Easton PA 2018 — TRANSITIONS "Art Show" Elli Albrecht Studio Gallery Easton PA

2018 — SUMMER Exhibitions Martin Art Gallery Allentown PA

2019 — SPRING Show" Connexions Gallery Easton PA

2019 — SUMMER Show" Connexions Gallery Easton PA

2019 —5th Biennial Self-Portrait Exhibition, The Rotunda Gallery, Bethlehem, PA

2020— Seasonal Shows, Connexions Gallery, Easton, PA

2021— Annual Spring Show, Connexions Gallery, Easton, PA

2021 — Annual Fall Show" Connexions Gallery Easton PA

2022 — SPRING Show" Connexions Gallery Easton PA

2022 — Solo exhibit “Bathing in the light of the forest” Connexions Gallery Easton PA

2022— HolidayShow, Connexions Gallery, Easton, PA

Elli at the studio


I find many of my influences to be within nature’s patterns, which inspire the many textures behind my paintings. It always surprises me how forests can interact with our senses. The sounds of the trees, the scent and color of the leaves, and the fresh, clean air gently impact my creativity. I paint intuitively and spontaneously at the beginning until the precise point of fine detailing can begin. I use unconventional tools, especially the ones from the kitchen, to achieve unusual textures. I love rustic, earthy colors with a touch of bright elements to emphasize contrast which always conveys curiosity. In my work, I use acrylic paints and inks, modeling paste, and compose them on canvas, wooden panels, or paper. Artwork might be simple or complex depending on the subject or mood. The mystery and diversity of the natural world have always fascinated me, and I believe nature sparks our imagination and inspires us to be creative. We all learn to become better artists with each new work we make.

Follow your imagination and allow your intuition to guide you.



I'm passionate about rustic colors and textures changing with the seasons.

One-of-a-kind original contemporary artworks.

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"Creating art is a journey, not a destination."

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Artworks can bring life to any space.

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Get in touch, and let me  create an abstract landscape painting, or large modern art to capture your special memories!

I will be happy to answer all your questions. Thank you for your interest .

34 Sebring Street, Easton, PA 18042